All about NOA

Every person perceives the world, decomposing it into histories. NOA appeared to become one of them.

The concept of NOA ASIA SPECIAL is all the best. Only the most selective dishes of the Panasian cuisine. Basically Thai and Japanese.

We are specialists in cooking ramen, Thai wok and sushi.

Ramen is a Japanese soup, which includes dense broth, wheat noodles and various additional ingredients.There are many varieties of ramen in the world. We picked the most delicious recipes and honed them to the ideal.

Asian Wok is a real Thai wok. The secret of cooking Thai dishes is simple – the fire should cover the entire frying pan and sometimes even the dish completely. We’re cooking in such way, on a real Thai wok. And no way induction or electric frying pans!
Among the wok menu items you can try dishes with rice and different kinds of noodles with seafood, beef, chicken, tofu, vegetables and authors’ sauces. Cooking of original Thai sauces is a real art. And we are perfect at this art. That’s it that the fascination of your taste sensations depends on.

Sushi are especially delicious with selected ingredients. In the menu can be found well known to all classics as well as original, author’s recipes. The alcoholic and cocktail range is presented by just as traditional drinks and mixes and good choice of author’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft cocktails.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in loft, casual style. We’ve combinated the best of European experience and talent of Ukrainian artisans on wood and metal. To immerse into the atmosphere of modern Asia we added neon signs, which are located in different parts of the restaurant.

The space is decorated with plenty of plants. Totally complete lack of decorative partitions and the presence of open kitchen area create an atmosphere of mental sincerity and unity between guests and workers. An open kitchen allows visitors to watch the process of cooking cookery masterpieces.

And those who want to keep on this pleasure, to pass it on their home or office our delivery servise works for. The stylish packaging and polite operators, attentive couriers work for that you can enjoy the NOA also beyond the walls of the restaurant.


Вибачте, ми наразі не працюємо. Працюємо з натхненням для Вас щодня з 10:00 до 00:00 // Sorry, we are not working now. We work for you with inspiration from 08:30 to 00:00.