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Taito Roll, Midori Roll, Katana Roll, Black Salmon, Yashiro Roll with salmon, Aburi Roll with Tom Yum sauce + 3 free Pepsi
Futomaki, Maki with salmon, Maki with eel, Mix Nigiri + 2 free Pepsi
Tokyo Dragon roll, Cheesy with Salmon roll, Cheesy with Eel roll, Black Dragon Roll, Katana Roll, With Crab and Smoked Salmon roll, Cheesy Cheese with Smoked Salmon, Aburi with Tom Yum Sauce, Green Roll + 4 free Pepsi
Cheese with salmon, Cheese with eel, Green roll, Black Dragon roll + 2 free Pepsi
Tokyo Dragon, Double Fish, With Crab and Smoked Salmon +2 Free Pepsi
For home parties and not only: sushi sets delivery with NOA

Sushi sets with delivery from NOA</h1

Cheese, eel, Katana, Akoyo... how hard is it to choose rolls! After all, each of them is delicious in its own way. So if you are still hesitating, the best idea is to order a sushi set. A huge set of our best rolls for you and your friends.

Sushi sets with NOA are:

  • Varied - we have several combo set options on our menu. So you can easily choose the best one in terms of ingredients and weight.
  • Delicious - only traditional recipes and selected ingredients. We make sure that each roll is perfect - both in taste and appearance.
  • Profitable - you get Pepsi as a gift with each set. Also, ordering a set is much cheaper than ordering each roll separately.

To prevent you from getting bored with our sushi set menu, we regularly update it with new items. Just click the NEW button to see all our new items in this section.

How do we prepare sushi sets for you?

The secret of NOA rolls' taste is selected ingredients. Fresh cheese, seafood, vegetables, nori - we buy all of this from trusted suppliers and store it in compliance with key requirements. Our chefs know the special secrets of making sushi. They are constantly learning new recipes and honing their skills to surprise you with the most delicious dishes.

In our menu you will find classic sushi and rolls, skillfully developed by our team. We cook from classic ingredients and new, unusual ingredients that will give a real explosion of taste to sushi fans.

But the main thing is that we do not prepare sushi in advance. You get rolls "from under the knife": as soon as we receive an order, we start preparing them for you. No frozen preparations or dishes from yesterday. We carefully pack the prepared rolls so that they arrive to you not only tasty, but also aesthetically pleasing: each set will fit the festive table.

Fast delivery is another point that we take care of. After all, we know that rolls retain their taste and flavor best in the first hours after cooking. Couriers deliver sushi sets in Lviv in special thermal bags, and also carry the order very carefully: so that you can enjoy the unique taste and spectacular presentation.

Delivery of sushi sets with NOA - rolls you will fall in love with

Our chefs know how to cook the most delicious rolls. Therefore, if you are planning a party at home, a romantic dinner or lunch with your family, ordering sushi in Lviv from NOA restaurant is a good idea. Choose which set of rolls you want to try today. And we will prepare it for you and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Our sushi set delivery is:

  • Conveniently, each menu item is illustrated with a photo and has a detailed description of the ingredients. We always indicate the weight of the set and all the rolls that are included in it.
  • Fast - depending on the zone, we will bring your order in 45-65 minutes. Our couriers know how to avoid all traffic jams during rush hour.
  • Free of charge if the order amount exceeds 300 UAH.
  • Seven days a week - we work every day, from 10:00 to 21:00. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite rolls on weekdays and holidays.
  • Taking care of everyone - if you want to replace the ingredients or the level of spiciness of the dish, just let us know when placing your order.

We accept various payment methods: in cash and by card (to the courier upon receipt), or through the LiqPay system directly on the website. Enjoy your meal!

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