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Omelette, rice, chicken, vegetable mix, shiitake mushrooms, oyster sauce, green onion, sesame
179 грн
Other Breakfasts
Toast with salmon and avocado
toast, salmon, avocado mousse, salad mix, lotus root fries, tomato, edamame, sesame dressing
Hashbrown with salmon
potato fritters, salmon, eggs, avocado, spinach with sesame dressing, tomato, edamame, smelt roe, green onions, almond flakes
Hashbrown English breakfast
potato fritters, sausage, bacon, eggs, spinach with sesame dressing, tomato, edamame, lotus root fries, dried onions, sour cream
Omelet with crab
204 грн
Omelet, snow crab, cream cheese, green onion, furikake, brioche bun, mung bean salad, tomato, hot and sweet sauce