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  • NEW
Spicy tuna salad 🌶
330 h

Spicy tuna salad 🌶

Pickled Tuna, salad mix, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno, purple onion, edamame, carrot, Tobiko mayo sauce, lime, sesame
264 грн
Other Starters
Beef tofu salad 🌶
  • NEW
Beef, tofu, salad mix, spinach, Unagi sauce, daikon, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Thai sauce, furikake, dried onion, sesame
Shrimps in wasabi sauce
  • HІТ
Tiger shrimps tempura, wasabi sauce, almond nut, lemon
Kimchi 🌶🌶🌶
Chinese cabbage, spicy chili paste Gochujang, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, chili flakes
Chicken Bao (2 pieces) 🌶
Steamed bun, chicken, topping Pad Thai, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, sesame seeds, smelt caviar, chili pepper, microgreen
Shrimp Bao (2 pieces) 🌶
Steamed bun, tiger shrimp, Pad Thai topping, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, sesame, smelt caviar, chili, microgreen
Philadelphia salad
279 грн
Salad mix, salmon, sushi cheese, smelt caviar, tobiko caviar, tomatoes, pineapple, kanpyo, bamboo shoots, pickled daikon, edamame, microgreen, furikake, mango sweet chily sauce
Kaiso with nut sauce
Chuka wakame, cucumber, sesame seeds, lemon, walnut sauce
Rice chips
69 грн