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About us
Eating like meditation: you are in the moment, concentration is on the sense of taste and aroma, peace around and zen inside. And where to meditate, if not here?

The brand of Pan-Asian restaurants “NOA” was founded in 2018.

Today there are 5 restaurants in Lviv.

NOA is a place where there is a lot of live fire and delicious dishes with a special oriental character.

The menu is based on the author’s version of Pan-Asian cuisine. We like to experiment. We use Asian traditions in dishes of other countries. And vice versa. We are looking for a balance of tastes from all over the world.And as soon as the balance is found, the dish appears in our menu.

And it does not matter whether you order food by visiting our restaurant, make a take away or order for delivery. We guarantee that every dish in our kitchen will be prepared with care and love for detail and nothing else!