«NOA» Japanese Restaurant in Lviv

«NOA» is not just another restaurant of Japanese cuisine in Lviv. It is located on the second floor of the largest shopping and entertainment centre Victoria Gardens in western Ukraine. «NOA» is a new culinary philosophy, the philosophy that our restaurant had brought to this wonderful ancient city, which is always open to other cultures.

The logo of our restaurant has the Buddhist symbol of Enso, translated as «the present moment of time». Enso is a mix of simplicity and fullness, beginning and end, balance and harmony. Enso is the element of enlightenment, comprehension of the essence of self. This «true moment» we bring to our every guest. We pay attention to everyone and offer delicious dishes, cooked by authentic Asian recipes.

The name «NOA» means «movement». We do not stand still, we are moving by the learning of new things, studying the experience of the world’s best Asian cuisine. So, harmony in motion is our basic principle, which is shown in the interior of the restaurant and, most importantly, in the dishes offered to our visitors.

Japanese and Thai food restaurant

Asian tradition of food is based on principles which we certainly follow in «NOA»:

  • the dish should be freshly prepared;
  • The dish should surprise and delight the guest;
  • the dish is cooked with respect to the guest and is given to him with an expression of personal respect.

Our restaurant combines two main branches of East-Asian cultural and culinary traditions. «NOA» is a Japanese restaurant and a Thai restaurant at the same time. So, if you will come to us you can choose from a large number of dishes:

At «NOA» everyone will find something special. We are trying to find a secret key of the gastronomic satisfaction to each guest!

Japanese restaurant «NOA» is a diversity of cultures

The modern world is a crossing of cultures and traditions. «Knowing others, I know myself» is the basic principle of modern coexistence. Gastronomy is probably the best way to get the first contact
with other people and their worldview. A mix of culinary traditions it is diving into the sea of new sensations and amazing tastes.

Would you risk and combine the Japanese ramen soup, Thai noodle-wok and European dessert? We did! The world is so big and different, let’s try its taste!

Вибачте, ми наразі не працюємо. Працюємо з натхненням для Вас щодня з 10:00 до 00:00 // Sorry, we are not working now. We work for you with inspiration from 08:30 to 00:00.